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Phone out of Memory! – There’s an App for That. Part 1

About a month ago my trusty war-horse of an Android cell phone complained that it was out of storage space, I wasn’t able to receive texts, e-mails or Instant Messages. This led me to rethink what I was really using the phone for.

Everyone has different needs and demands of a cell phone, that’s why regular bar/dumb phones are still on the market. But I primarily use my phone as a tool to communicate, whether by voice or text, which means I will e-mail or send Instant Messages (IM). Others may want to watch movies, play games or music.

This led me on something of a crusade to strip down the phone and remove unused and unnecessary apps and look for more efficient or leaner alternatives. In the coming editions I will share the my experience of the applications I used.

But first we need to create some space or better yet, take action before we get the out of memory message, so assuming, you are not yet at the critical point here’s an application that I have found incredibly useful.

Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile, is a must for keeping your Android device in good working order. The app can be run on demand but also prompts you when your device is running short of memory and likely to have issues. You can then run a Basic or an Advanced scan to free up additional

Clean Master Icon

One of the key things I like about the app is that it can also tell you where the “big files” are on your device, as well as the ranking of which applications generate the most “Junk”. The App Manager, is also cool in that it gives you details of the amount of space used by the applications installed on your device and how often they are used. Useful information in deciding whether you really need the program on your phone or tablet.

So before your phone or tablet complains of being out of memory check out Clean Master.