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Phone Out of Memory !- There’s an App for That. Part 2

Cell Phone Memory Full

Part Two

In Part One I set out some of the background for why I began to look more critically at the applications installed on my mobile devices from a memory stand point.

E-Mail, is a key communication tool I use. The standard Android device offers two e-mail clients, the standard Gmail application typically used for Gmail accounts and another e-mail client for your Corporate or non-Gmail addresses. That duplication isn’t a good use of precious storage space. I looked at this situation particularly as I have a number of e-mail addresses that I need to check regularly.

K9 e-Mail Client
K9 e-Mail Client

On the Cell phone, I needed a very light-weight application and chose to look at an program called K-9 Mail. The program is very light-weight and offers automated and manual methods of connecting to Gmail and non-Gmaiil accounts.

On my tablet I’m using Blue by Type Mail. This is very good application and supports all the major free web based mail services such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail etc. as well as supporting POP3 and IMAP protocols.


A useful feature offered by Blue is the ability to schedule a reminder to look at an e-mail later in the day or some other time. This is a great feature as I’m as guilty as the next person for not always remembering to look at an e-mail or respond. Or sometime you might just want to look at an e-mail in greater details and this added feature is incredibly useful.

Both these applications are free – which should go without saying – so you are free to check them out.