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CANTO 33 – Day One Roundup – 17th July 2017

Roundup of Day One of CANTO’s 33rd Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.


Jamaica’s Open Data Policy

I spoke with Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr. Andrew Wheatley about Jamaica’s Open Data initiatives.

Minister Wheatley explained:

We have developed an Open Data policy we believe that by developing such a policy it encourages our citizens and anyone who wants to invest to get access to information that in the past would have been very difficult for them to access so the Open Data policy is something that we put out critical data that can assist persons to make informed decisions, particularly as it relates to investment, and that’s the way the world is going right now.


The Role of the Internet Society – ISOC

I spoke to Shernon Osepa, Regional Affairs Manager Latin America and the Caribbean of ISOC and asked him what is the role of the Internet Society and why they were at the CANTO event.

ISOC stands for the Internet Society it’s a global organization founded on three main areas the first is Internet Related Standards. We develop internet standards that the internet works on you may have heard of IPv4 and IPv6, these standards were developed by the Internet Society. The second area is what we call Policy Development, we work with governments and policy-makers around the globe to help them address internet related challenges that they are facing. And the third area is called Capacity Building and Education, in capacity building we would like to see our own people in the region taking the lead.

At the Internet Society we are focusing a lot on Internet Governance and that’s the reason why we are here, because traditional telecommunications operators were focusing on the old voice technologies. But it’s important for us to understand the internet because entrepreneur’s these days are using the internet and disruptive technologies to earn a living. We believe that we in the Caribbean should be acquainted with the internet and to be able to take maximum advantage out of the possibilities that the internet brings.

There will be more from CANTO’s 33rd Annual Conference in subsequent briefings.