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Nevis Island Administration Director Technology Impressed With CANTO 33

Director of Technology in the Nevis Island Administration, Mr. Quincy Prentice attended CANTO’s Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and was impressed by what he saw. Attending for the first time he said that he would be keen to attend next year if possible.

Prentice was attending the conference as part of the delegation from ECTEL, the St. Lucian based Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Regulator. We spoke to Mr Prentice after the event for his thoughts on the almost week long event.

I asked what were the key points he took away from the conference?

Firstly I would say collaboration, collaboration, collaboration, the need for regional governments to work more closely together in the development in the development and successful deployment of ICT platforms.  And knowledge sharing as a means of accelerating the rate at which technology can be successfully deployed by the region as a whole. This view was promulgated by the Honourable Darcy Boyce from Barbados and others, and indeed there is also a proposal on the table from the CARICOM on level for the creation of a single ICT space. So I would certainly say collaboration and the need for greater need for collaboration on a regional level is one of the key take aways.

Prentice also mentioned the issue of convergence and OTTs.

Another key takeaway is the issue of convergence we heard quite a bit About the over-the-top services from the service providers and they call for the regional regulators to regulate these entities as well. we have also seen some opposing views such as Professor Gilbert Morris and Dr. Paul Golding in terms of the need for the regional telcos to adapt their business models too the existing market conditions. So certainly convergence is an issue that is here to stay.”