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Caribbean Tech Roundup

Caribbean Tech Roundup – Weekend of 30th June 2017

  IAEA Mission Finds Jamaican Research Reactor Strengthens Safety A team of experts of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has praised the operator of the research reactor in Jamaica as showing continuous commitment to safety following its conversion to Low-Enriched Uranium (LEU) from Highly-Enriched Uranium (HEU) as fuel. The team […]

Is Digicel for Real? – If So You Should be Afraid, Very Afraid!

Recently Digicel repeated their calls for Caribbean governments to regulate and tax two of the FANG companies, otherwise known as FaceBook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, four of the biggest internet companies in the world. Some might say the timing, of this latest appeal coming ahead of CANTO’s Annual Conference in […]

Caribbean Tech Roundup

Caribbean Tech Roundup – Weekend of 23rd June 2017

Is a Cyber Crime Lab Planned for Saint Lucia? Saint Lucia is exploring the possibility of setting up a cyber crime laboratory, National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis has disclosed. Francis made the comments during a pre-cabinet interview with reporters on Monday while expressing concern about the proliferation of youth sex […]

Caribbean Tech Roundup

Caribbean Tech Roundup – Weekend of 16th June 2017

The Caribbean’s Telecommunications Industry to Meet in the Dominican Republic In just a month’s time, the region’s leaders in the telecom’s industry will meet for CANTO’s 33rd Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition. The events will be held in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic from the 16th -19th July, 2017. […]


Do Not Use Social Media Credentials for Authentication (OAuth 2) In the previous parts I have cautioned against using your social media account and credentials to authenticate or log-in on other web sites or services. I know it’s difficult and in some cases it doesn’t look as though one actually […]


Two Factor Authentication In the previous parts I have mentioned Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication as an added measure to protect your online accounts. I will briefly explain exactly what it is and what it entails. What is 2-Factor Authentication? We have already established that to access an account, requires a […]

​Lessons to Learn from the Clinton e-Mail Saga

I’ve decided to refer to the Hillary Clinton e-mail debacle as a “Saga” because it would appear it’s a story which is some way from the finish line, and is one destined to run and run. But nonetheless, there are some key lessons we can take from it. I’m not […]


Passwords Once you realise that passwords are the weakest link in protecting your online accounts, then you’re some way towards protecting your online accounts. So why are passwords so vulnerable? Because they depend on us, and for the most part people are lazy. Too lazy to think of difficult passwords […]

Protecting Yourself Online – Part 1

With all the concern about the news of Yahoo’s massive security breach recently there are some key things you can and should do to protect your online accounts and data. Assume that your service provider will be hacked and your password taken at the source, so what can you do […]

Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the Death of Betamax

A few weeks ago Song announced that in March 2016 they would stop making Betamax Video Tapes, some thirteen years after shipping the last Betamax VCR. If you’re of a certain age like me, I’m sure you are thinking, ”What they’re still making Beta Max Tapes?” For the younger generation […]