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​Lessons to Learn from the Clinton e-Mail Saga

I’ve decided to refer to the Hillary Clinton e-mail debacle as a “Saga” because it would appear it’s a story which is some way from the finish line, and is one destined to run and run. But nonetheless, there are some key lessons we can take from it. I’m not […]


Passwords Once you realise that passwords are the weakest link in protecting your online accounts, then you’re some way towards protecting your online accounts. So why are passwords so vulnerable? Because they depend on us, and for the most part people are lazy. Too lazy to think of difficult passwords […]

Protecting Yourself Online – Part 1

With all the concern about the news of Yahoo’s massive security breach recently there are some key things you can and should do to protect your online accounts and data. Assume that your service provider will be hacked and your password taken at the source, so what can you do […]

Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the Death of Betamax

A few weeks ago Song announced that in March 2016 they would stop making Betamax Video Tapes, some thirteen years after shipping the last Betamax VCR. If you’re of a certain age like me, I’m sure you are thinking, ”What they’re still making Beta Max Tapes?” For the younger generation […]

Extend Wireless Coverage Around Your SO-HO Cost Effectively!

I was contacted by a client recently to try and resolve some issues with poor Internet connectivity around their home. The main Internet point was situated in an upstairs office on one side of the home, but wireless connectivity was poor on the other side of the property and non-existent […]

So How Did I Become a Victim of Cyber Crime?

This is no doubt a common question some of us would ask. How did these people get my e-mail address to send me all this SPAM, or this Phising Attack? Well apart from the reselling of your personal details by some of the services you may have subscribed to or […]

The New Economy is Disruptive – Is the Caribbean Ready?

I recently read an article on Tech Crunch, the piece spoke of the shift in emphasis in commerce and highlighted an interesting observation. It cited that Uber, the world largest taxi company doesn’t own a fleet of cabs, and media giant FaceBook doesn’t produce any content of its own. It […]

Phone Out of Memory !- There’s an App for That. Part 2

Part Two In Part One I set out some of the background for why I began to look more critically at the applications installed on my mobile devices from a memory stand point. E-Mail, is a key communication tool I use. The standard Android device offers two e-mail clients, the […]

Phone out of Memory! – There’s an App for That. Part 1

About a month ago my trusty war-horse of an Android cell phone complained that it was out of storage space, I wasn’t able to receive texts, e-mails or Instant Messages. This led me to rethink what I was really using the phone for.