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Caribbean Tech Roundup

CARIBBEAN TECH ROUNDUP – Weekend of 25th August 2017

Introduction Welcome to The Caribbean Technology Round Up for the weekend of 25th August 2017, with host Russell Williams. ECTEL DIRECTOR OUTLINES THE CHALLENGES TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORS FACE Quincy Prentice, Director of Technology in the Nevis Island Administration and a Director at the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), was speaking on […]

Caribbean Tech Roundup – Weekend of 21st  July 2017

The Government of Jamaica is Considering Forming a Technology Investment Fund With an increasing number of Jamaican Nationals with technology skills unable to find work and put them to use. The government of Jamaica is addressing the issue  head on through the development of a technology investment fund. Jamaica’s minister […]

Caribbean Tech Roundup

Is Digicel for Real? – If So You Should be Afraid, Very Afraid!

Recently Digicel repeated their calls for Caribbean governments to regulate and tax two of the FANG companies, otherwise known as FaceBook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, four of the biggest internet companies in the world. Some might say the timing, of this latest appeal coming ahead of CANTO’s Annual Conference in […]