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Over the years you would have realised the undeniable truth of the statement, the only constant in life is change, and nowhere is that more true in the area of technology. Over time your vocabulary and your lives have been impacted by terms such as Social Media, the Internet of Things, Wearable Technology, Cyber-Crime, Identity Theft, and Big Data, Open-Data, Net-Neutrality and encryption.

But what do these buzz words mean and how do they impact our lives? How do we keep pace and make sense of the constant innovations in technology, some of which are not all positive?

That is why we developed the concept of IT Events, a series of compact sessions or IT Clinics which seek to inform and sensitize attendees in plain English and in a no nonsense way as to what the technology is, what it does and what it means to you. Sessions will be interactive and dynamic, with attendees encouraged to bring their laptop or mobile devices.


Clinic One – Protecting Yourself, Your Family and Your Business Online

Every device connected to the internet is vulnerable to attack by Cyber criminals, but in order to reduce your exposure, you first need to be know what the risks are. This IT Clinic, will not only explain the various common threats, but give you a sense of what the threats of the future will look like.


Who should attend?

This clinic is intended for everyone who has an internet connected device, even if all you do is receive e-mail! If you run a business, whether you have an IT Department or you are the IT Department, if you have internet in your home you should attend. If you are a parent, especially a parent of a teenager with a laptop you should definitely attend.


When is the Event?

 This Online Security Clinic will be split to better cater for businesses and private individuals or parents. Note that both sessions will cover the same principles and concepts it’s just that the emphasis will be slightly different and better able attendees to air their concerns without feeling inappropriate.

 Online Security for Private Users – 8:30am Saturday 11th April 2015

 Online Security for Business Users – 8:30am Tuesday 14th April 2015

 St. Kitts and Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce Conference Room, Horsford Road, Basseterre.

Register your interest and you will receive a detailed programme outline and electronic copies of the presentation ahead of time.


Event Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors – eCaribbean Ltd.

Silver Sponsors – Serendipity

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