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Baseline Assessment

Any progressive business must make effective use of their technology investment and this means it that these assets be correctly configured and maintained.  Our baseline assessment will review your current and future IT needs, and then assess your business’s operations in terms of:

  • Desktop Management
  • Backup Regime
  • User Security Policy
  • Application Use
  • Network Audit – Internal and Internet Use

Having made the assessment a road-map of recommendations would be supplied and where appropriate prioritised in terms of addressing security vulnerabilities. Having reviewed the items in the road-map and weighed them against your business needs, items would be implemented.


Network Assessment

An assessment will be made of your current internal computer network in terms of the usability of the desktops and servers, operating systems and security software. Additionally, the robustness of the network will be reviewed.

Internet bandwidth though relatively inexpensive is not a resource to be abused at the expense of essential business service, so it maybe necessary to restrict access to some websites and services. For example, if your business makes use of Voice over IP (VoIP) services such as Skype, MagicJack etc. or video conferencing this traffic should not be impeded because a staff member is watching an episode of Survivor or Best Man’s Holiday on YouTube.


Security Assessment

Includes testing for user access policies, password policies, data access polices and joining and departure procedures.

Checking for Backup regimes, and reviewing what procedures and policies exist, how often are backups taken? What is the business’s attitude or level of vulnerability to risks and disasters man-made or environmental?


Backup Planning

Having a sound backup strategy is critical, in business you are only as good as your last back up! If your systems were affected by a flood or stolen, how would you survive? It’s a well known fact that 60% of all businesses which are affected by fire despite opening their doors typically close within a year due to data loss. What systems do you have in place to ensure your business is not one of these statistics?

Developing, implementing and routine testing of your backups is critical. It’s said backups always work, but data recovery often fail! It has been known for businesses to find that critical data has not been backed up because the backup was not correctly configured from the outset, or the data to be backed up out grew, the back up device or media!

Developing a plan and executing the plan are important, but reviewing and testing that plan is key!


Disaster Planning/Business Continuity Planning

Having a reliable backup is not the same as being prepared for a disaster or business continuity. It is also worth pointing out that a disaster need not be an earthquake, fire or hurricane. One needs to consider the lack of availability or access to your computerised data or site for any reason.
So a fairly innocuous event such as a burglary could be considered a disaster. How would your business function or provide a service in that scenario?

These are the sort of issues one needs to consider and determine a level of risk and a level of service your business is prepared to offer as a minimum, knowing that there may be repercussions for your business later.


Business Solutions

Beyond office productivity such as word-processing and spreadsheets, most businesses will at a minimum use some sort of accounting solution. However, there are a plethora of systems which can help an enterprise become more effective and efficient through the use of a computer system. Some examples include Customer Relations and internal Collaboration and Work-flow. Having assessed your business, its processes and needs, recommendations would be offered in terms of what solutions would be appropriate for streamlining business and allowing your to make best use of your resources.



Mindful of the need to educate civil society, business leaders and their staff of the benefits to be gained from developments in technology, and the persistent threats,The IT Facility will host a series of briefings though out the year. These briefings will be interactive in nature and handle topics in everyday language and in a practical manner, to enable attendees to put the concepts to work immediately.